Addition and Deletion of Spouse Name

Acceptance of applications by IVS does not guarantee the issuance of Passports & Passport related services Embassy reserves the right to decline an application in case it deems appropriate to do so without giving any reasoning. The copies of all documents issued by authorities/ institutions/ organizations of Sri Lanka which needs to be submitted to the Embassy of India, Sri Lanka for availing consular services, should henceforth be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka.

This include, by way of example, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, House Registration Certificate, Death Certificate, Birth Certificate, Certificate of Name Change, etc.

To avoid delays when lodging the application you should include the following:

  • Miscellaneous Services Form accurately filled and signed by the applicant where needed.
  • Affidavit Form to be filled by applicant in case change of name for women.
  • 2 photographs (3.5cmX3.5cm in white background) pasted at the space provided.
  • Original passport of applicant and spouse.


  • Personal particulars of the 1st page of the applicant and spouse passport (2 sets).
  • Personal particulars of the last page of the applicant and spouse passport (1 set).
  • Current Sri Lanka Visa page of applicant and spouse (1 set).
  • Observation page of the applicant and spouse if any (1 set).