Frequent errors

You should not to use any special characters or punctuation in any questions on the form: these could lead to errors during the processing of your application.

If you are stuck on any question, please write a simple answer (for example: yes, no, NA, X 01/01/2010) then make the correction or the additional reply in pen on the printed form.


Your visa for India is printed on a Visa Sticker reproduced below for information only. Please check the details carefully for any possible printing errors in name spelling, passport number, etc. as marked below:

  1. Your Surname (Last Name) as given in your passport
  2. Your Name (Given Name) including middle name if any as given in the passport
  3. Visa Type : T = Tourist, B = Business, X = Entry, E = Employment, S = Student, R = Research, C = Conference, J = Journalist, TR = Transit, MED = Medical, MEDX = Medical Attendant, etc.
  4. Date of Issue (Visa for India is effective from the date of issue and not from the future date to match applicant’s itinerary).
  5. Date of Expiration (Stipulation of duration of visa is at the discretion of the embassy of India).
  6. Number of Entries : M = Multiple, D = Double & S = Single
  7. Your Passport Number
  8. Signature of the Visa Officer
  9. Round Seal of the issuing office