Intern Visa

An Intern visa is appropriate for those who intend to pursue internship in an Indian company / Educational institute / Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

An Intern Visa is granted sujavascript:;bject to fulfilment of the following conditions:

  1. The foreign national must comply will all legal requirements like payment of tax etc.
  2. The documents pertaining to the proposed intern will be thoroughly checked to decide the category of visa that may be issued to the foreigner.
  3. The name of sponsoring employer/organization shall be clearly specified in visa sticker.
  4. The Indian organization/entity that sponsors an Intern Visa does not necessarily have to be the legal employer of the person.
  5. Intern must provide a letter from Indian Company/ Educational institution / NGO concerned sponsoring foreign national for internship programme and clearly indicate period of internship.
  6. An undertaking from concerned organization in India confirming that it will ensure the departure of foreigner on completion of Internship.
  7. Intern must provide a letter from the company in India taking responsibility for activities and conduct of applicant during his/her stay in India and repatriation, if ever necessary.
  8. In case of paid intern a remuneration documents have to be enclosed with the amount and confirming that the tax will be paid as per the guidelines implemented by Government of India.
  9. In case of paid intern, MINIMUM REMUNERATION IS 65,000/month or 7.8 LAKH per annum for interns wanting to pursue internship in companies. However, there is no minimum salary limit in case of internship in educational institute/NGO.
  10. Intern is required to provide their Current Graduation / Post-Graduation certificate.
  11. The gap between completion of graduation / post-graduation and commencement of internship should NOT be more than 1 year.

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Besides above following Documents must be attached with visa application

For Sri Lankan Nationals

  • Duly completed Visa Application Form.
  • Two recent (not more than 3 months old) 2×2 inch colour photograph (without spectacles) depicting full face with both ear visible in white background. Photo on Passport and VAF must match applicant’s present appearance.
  • Previous visit details at Serial Number F of sample Visa application Form :
    1. Applicant to fill the correct visa details of last visit to India.
    2. Applicant mention the last availed (actual Traveled) visa number starting with alphabet along with date of issue. (eg: VLI123456 dated 25 June 2017).
    3. In case the last visa was an eTV (electronic Visa / e-visa). The visa number and date (date of first entry on e-visa) as stamped / registered on applicant’s passport by Bureau of Immigration,India at time entry into India.
  • Previous passports ( police report If previous passport is lost ).
  • Photocopy of NIC/Driving License or Birth Certificate (For Sri Lankans only).
  • Address Proof (NIC/Driving License / Bank Statement / Rent Agreement / Telephone Bill / G S Certificate).
  • Applicants with dual nationality must produce both the passports (along with photocopies) at the time of application.
  • Financial Statements – 3 months Bank Statements OR Sponsor letter whenever applicable (Copy of Sponsor Passport / Driving License).
Please Note:
  • This is not intended to be a complete list of documents that may be needed. High Commission reserves the right to seek additional documents post submission of application.
  • Duration of visa will be decided on a case-to-case basis.
  • The Passport should have a minimum validity of 6 months on the date of application with at least two blank pages.
  • Some individual cases may require more time for processing.
  • Applicants may have to attend an Interview at “The High Commission of India” if required.
  • High Commission of India reserves the right to refuse visa without assigning reasons and without refund of fee.