Visa Check List

Check list for Indian Tourist and other visa

1. Please Note:

The validity of visa begins from the date of issue by High Commission of India (HCI) and not from the date of travel on application form.Visa fees once paid are non-refundable both in case of rejection of visa/ reduced duration and entry.The duration and number entry is the sole discretion of HCI. HCI reserves the right to refuse visa without assigning reasons. Before submitting Visa Application Form (VAF), please ensure all the fields of VAF are completely filled with correct information without typographical errors. (Please refer to Sample Visa Application Form Click here)

“In case new NIC is obtained by the applicant, necessary endorsement indicating the new NIC number may be made in the passport”

2.Visa Application Form should have following information.

  • Name as per Passport / endorsement
  • Full Name of Parents and Spouse (wherever applicable).
  • Genuine reference in India, where applicant can be contacted by Indian authorities if required.
  • Correct Last Visit / Visa Details

3. Documents to be attached with VAF

Clear/Legible preferably scanned copy (or photocopy) of following document. English Translated version should invariably be attached for documents in Sinhala/Tamil.

  1. NIC card/ Driving licence / Birth Certificate (only any one of three).
  2. Two recent (not more than 3 months old) 2×2 inch colour photograph (without spectacles) depicting full face with both ear visible in white background. Photo on Passport and VAF must match applicant’s present appearance.
  3. Previous visit details at Serial Number F of sample Visa application Form :
    1. Applicant to fill the correct visa details of last visit to India.
    2. Applicant mention the last availed (actual Traveled) visa number starting with alphabet along with date of issue. (eg: VLI123456 dated 25 June 2017).
    3. In case the last visa was an eTV (electronic Visa / e-visa). The visa number and date (date of first entry on e-visa) as stamped / registered on applicant’s passport by Bureau of Immigration,India at time entry into India.
  4. All previous passports (If previous is passport is lost please ensure endorsement to that effect in current passport or provide the police compliant report).
  5. Three months Bank statement having healthy average balance to prove solvency, clearly reflecting name, address of account holder with account opening date ( please see S. No .4).
  6. Business Registration Certificate, in case of attached bank statement is that of a business entity.
  7. Applicant’s address (present / permanent) should match with at least one document attached at S. No. 3 (i) and 3 (iv) (in case of bank passbook, account should be at least 1 year old).
  8. In exceptional cases, government Utility Bill and GS certificate is accepted address proof. No other document would be accepted asaddress proof.
  9. GS certificate should be accompanied by Certificate from the employer. In case of students, copy of identity card from the educational institution is to be attached.
  10. For Applicant below the age of 18, application should be accompanied by. (i) No objection certificated (NOC) signed byboth parents allowing their children to travel and also specifying details includingwith whom their children are travelling. In case children are travelling without accompanied by their parents, a self-explanatory letter must be attached specifying a) purpose of visit and (b) guardian during the visit (ii) Photocopy of passport both parents should be attached.
  11. Applicants with dual nationality must produce both the passports (along with photocopies) at the time of application.

4. Financial fitness to undertake Travel

(a). Self-Finance

  • Average monthly balance of LKR 40000/= per applicant.
  • Accounts with sudden deposits just prior to date of application will not be accepted.
  • Current Account having overdraft (DR)/ insufficient funds will not be accepted unless linked collateral Security-Fixed Deposit Receipt is attached.
  • Photocopy of International Credit Card (Name of applicant, validity date should be clearly mentioned). Credit Card Copy should be accompanied by statement revealing available and total credit limit.

(b). Sponsored Cases

  • First page of sponsor’s Passport.
  • Sponsorship letter should clearly mention sponsor’s relation with applicant(s).
  • Sponsor should have average daily balance of 50000/- per person and should not sponsor more than 4 Applicantsother than immediate family members.
  • Current Account having overdraft (DR)/ insufficient funds will not be accepted unless linked collateral Security-Fixed Deposit Receipt is attached.
  • Sponsor cannot submit (i) Credit card statement (ii) Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) as financial guarantee due to lack of liquidity to sponsor an applicant.
  • Only original (not photocopy) bank statementattested with rubber stamp of bank with date will be accepted.

5. Order of attachments

  • Duly Visa Application Form
  • NIC/ Birth Certificate /Driving Licence ( Only one )
  • Bank Statement
  • NOC (In case of Children below 18 year, please refer S. No. 3 (ix) above)
  • Sponsor letter ( wherever applicable )
  • Bank Statement followed by Passport copy in case of sponsor ( wherever applicable )

For Non Sri Lankan National

A foreign national needs to hold continuous Sri Lankan Resident Visa of more than two years to apply other categories Indian visa except Tourist visa.

For Sri Lankan born applicant, who is holding dual citizenship or Permanent Resident permit, work visa in any country in last two years from the date of application requires submitting Fax Reference Form.