Documents issued from Indian side should be attested at first from Indian authorities in India as per the list attached at Annexure-A.

Documents issued from Sri Lanka side should be attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Sri Lanka.

Documents Required:

  1. Request Letter
  2. Passport copy
  3. Foreign Ministry attested (English) Copy and Original
  4. Copies of original documents (Sinhala/ English/ Tamil)
Sri Lankan Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Request Letter
  • Passport copies (spouse/applicant)
  • Certified copy from ministry of foreign affairs in Sri Lanka (English)
  • Copies of original document English and Sinhala/ Tamil
Indian Marriage certificate Attestation
  • Request Letter
  • Passport copies (spouse/applicant)
  • India authority certified marriage certificate original and copy
  • Visa Copy (visa obtained for marriage purpose)
Degree certificate Attestation
  • Request Letter
  • Passport copy
  • Ministry of external affairs attested certificate copy
  1. Get the attestation of your certificate (which you want to be attested) from Branch Secretariat office of respective State in India. For e.g in case you were granted your document from a university in Kerala, then you need to contact Branch secretariat office in Kerala else you can get your document attested from Ministry of External Affairs, India. You can send your application by post to India. You may need to contact your university for more guidance on this.
  2. When your certificate is attested from step1, you can submit duly filled application here for attestation from High Commission of India, Colombo
  3. After you get attestation from High Commission of India, Colombo, you can submit your application to Ministry of foreign affairs of Sri Lanka for final attestation.
Business Document Attestation
  • Request Letter (From Head of the Company)
  • Passport copy (Head of the Company)
  • Foreign Ministry attested English Translated Copy
  • Copy of the Original Document