Indian Citizenship Act does not provide for dual citizenship. As per the Passport Act, it is mandatory for all Indian passport holders to surrender their last Indian passport to the Consulate immediately after acquisition of foreign nationality. It is an offense under the Citizenship Act and the Passports Act for foreign nationals to hold Indian passports. Once Indian passport is surrendered, Consulate will cancel it and return it to the Passport holder along with Renunciation/Surrender certificate. Consulate will not be in a position to render services like OCI, Visa etc. until Renunciation/Declaration Certificate acquired on acquisition of foreign nationally is submitted.

As per the Ministry order. The applicants are required to follow one more procedure for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship.

  1. Surrender of Indian Passport (CS10) on
  2. Renunciation of Indian citizenship (CS11) on

It is also submitted that both are different services and require two different fees from the applicant.

Submitted for urgent compliance.

Documents Required:

  1. Citizenship confirmation from ministry (Sri Lankan)
  2. Application forms
    • Surrender of Indian Passport
    • Renunciation of Indian citizenship
  3. Original Passport and Copy of the Passport
  4. Request letter (Reason should be mentioned)
  5. Copy of the Birth Certificate
  6. Sri Lankan related person details
    • Proof of relationship documents
    • Request letter
    • Copy of the passport

Please Note:
  • There is an online payment option available for Renunciation of Indian citizenship” only.
  • In case, applicant faces technical issues and not able to make online payment, can make a physical payment at the Indian High Commission.
  • If applicant make an online payment for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship, should bring online payment receipt on Surrender Passport payment date.