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This Online Visa Application has been created and is operated directly by the Government of India. As a private outsourcing partner of the Embassy of India, Sri Lanka, IVS Global Lanka Pvt. Ltd has no influence over the content of the website or the form and are not in a position to modify its content or structure.

After having filled your form online, a printable form (in the format of a PDF file) will be generated automatically with your personal details. You will need to download this file, print it, glue your photos and sign each page.

Instructions to fill in the online visa Online Application

The Indian Government online visa Online Application is common to many Indian Embassies across the world. In order for your form to be valid in Bangkok and at the Embassy of India, Bangkok, you must select “Sri Lanka  – Colombo” “Sri Lanka- Jaffna” “ Sri Lanka-Kandy”  in the drop down menu on the first page of the online form (opposite the title Indian Mission).

Make sure that your computer is equipped with the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This software is required to access all of our forms. You can download this by  clicking here.

Online Application Form:

Sample of Online Application Form Click here

You must answer all questions. Your answers should be in English.

After having filled your form online, you should print it, glue your photos conforming to the Government of India specifications. Finally you should sign both pages of your form.

NOTICE: Please note that the maximum number of characters allowed in a name field is 47 and if it is more than this, you may put the initial of the first name to ensure that the name does not have more than 47 characters.

Frequent errors 

You should not to use any special characters or punctuation in any questions on the form: these could lead to errors during the processing of your application.

All foreign nationals applying for visa in Sri Lanka are required to fill Referral/Fax Form along with the Online Application.

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